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Intro post! (my title is so original! :D)

Hello ~

This had to be done months ago D:
I have been buying things from members here since april I think and thanks to that my collection really grew a lot.
Well my name is Itza I live in Chile. I'm 20. For now I'm studying design and that's about it C: Forgive my horrible english please D: .
When i was a child (like 10  years) I used to be a tcg collector (because the artwork is soooo pretty ;__;)  but since the store who brought them here is closed now I don't have where to buy them now ;__;. I played the games since pokemon silver and finally with RSE I could have them for a game boy  advance. I think it was one of the happiest moment in my life xD.  Since then I have been trying to collect  pokemon merchandise but here is very difficult to find any legit, so I have to bought them mostly from internet.orz.

I collect pokedolls overall but I like to buy any cute plushie that pops up on here xD
My favourite pokemon is altaria and swablu, but sadly I don't have anything of them ;_______;.
Other favs are misdreavus/mismagius, shaymin, vaporeon, leafeon, espeon, snorunt, flygon,  rotom, rankurusu, shandera, burunkeru (male plis) and meraruba <3

To make this post a bit less boring I have some pics of my collection

The halloween plushies of this year are too cute ;__;

Mismagius was my first pokedoll so she has a special place in my heart :

Some members of the family are missing D:. At least a leafeon pokedoll is coming <3

I really love this flygon plush D: is so well done, sadly I haven't see any trapinch or vibrava plushie to accompany him u^u


This zorua was bought by a friend who went to japan. It is really cute C:

I have some other items, like figures and other plush but maybe another time :)

Want list :D

Please help me be happy xD
I prefer the japanese with hang  tags attached if possible D:, if not, I'm still interested :)

Altaria pokedoll
Rotom pokedoll
Dialga pokedoll
Umbreon pokedoll
Eeevee pokedoll
Skitty pokedoll
Togepi pokedoll
Spiritomb pokedoll
Delibird pokedoll
Drifloon canvas
Driftblim (jakks I think)

shaymin zukan
altaria zukan

pokemon time things

That's all by now

Byes ~
Tags: introductions, wanted
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