Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

kids for sale!

sunyshore updates!

you like kids???? YES???? you do!!! come take! i can combine orders if yours is still "processing"! so go check! get a 2.50$ combined shipping refund! but hurry since all paid for orders that i got the stock for (all but 3) will be going out tomorrow otherwise.

so we have, the NEW BW KIDS!!! yes, only 7 in this first set. and the distribution in the boxes was basically, 5473854385784375893475843 zekrom/reshiram, and 1-2 starters etc. each. so if what you want is GONE, just COMMENT here complaining, and i'll make some late-night/early-morning bike rides to the seven 7/11s near my house (you think i'm kidding) and try to get more if i can.

random assortment!

super cheap SPARKLY MOVIE KIDS!!! 1.50-2.50$ ONLY!! please take away!

also added these lovely things!

so in other tabunne news, you guys are NUTS, CRAZY, INSANE...

for tabunne!!

a few of those are still up for grabs on sunyshore as well :)

this is my last sales update until the pokedolls and wave 3 of pokecen plush come out in 15 days. sweet week of relaxation! but i'd look out around the 15thish for those preorders :D
Tags: kids, sales
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