nightmare_chan2 (nightmare_chan2) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Weeding Sales Reminer!

Hey guys~ I am giving another reminder to my collection weeding sales! I lowered all prices by quite a bit, as I am desperate to give them new homes or else they'll simply be donated. I would love for other collectors to own them, and I would like to say that I'm also going to be offering them all at an OBO too, so offer away! :D

Still included are plushes like Chikorita and Zouras with tags, the Rayquaza lot has seperated, and I would really like to give the custom Chiraamy Pokedoll by slothyshroom a good home. <3


As for shipping, I was unable to make it to the post office and the soonest I can get there is by next Thursday, since my work hours won't give me a day off until then and the post offiece closes as soon as I get off work. :C I appreciate the patience but I will keep you guys updated!


Tags: gen5, rayquaza, sales
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