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kids sales post

hi community! hope everybody enjoyed their halloween. =D

i have added a whole bunch of kids to my shop, which include eeveelutions, gengar/gastly, houndour/houndoom, azumarill, milotic, growlithe and a whole lot more. i am also releasing my wailord tomy and skymin clear kid for offers! some of the lots have been repriced as well.

(step this way to larvitarscar's shop!)

also, here's a sneak peek at my growing megablok collection. i have some more on their way, but right now i'm feeling uber happy that i managed to complete the eeveelution line. they look really cute in block form! =D i'm kinda sad that a larvitar megablok doesn't exist, though.

have a great weekend guys!
Tags: ampharos, azumarill, bagon, buizel, combee, dragonair, espeon, gastly, gengar, glaceon, growlithe, gyarados, houndoom, houndour, lapras, leafeon, lucario, luxio, luxray, milotic, pachirisu, rapidash, roserade, sales, shaymin, umbreon, vaporeon, wailord, wartortle, weavile, whiscash
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