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Couple of wants

Hello everyone. What with Christmas coming up, I'm on the hunt for the talking Meowth and Psyduck figurines. I'd prefer they be in working condition, but I'm not expecting batteries to be included. If anyone could link me to sales posts - be it their own or someone else's, I'd appreciate it. <3

Also, I'm looking to price out some of the HG/SS legendary two-parter cards. Let me know if you've got any of those as well please~
Edit: Suppose it might help if I listed the ones I have. So far, there's only two in my collection:
Raikou/Entei bottom from HG/SS Unleashed:  pokebeach.com/scans/unleashed/91-entei-and-raikou-legend.jpg
Rayquaza/Deoxys top from HG/SS Undaunted: pokebeach.com/scans/undaunted/89-deoxys-and-rayquaza-legend.jpg
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