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Huuuuge get!

And I mean huuuuuuge! Two huge boxes that I had to lug home from the post office. XD But it was nice that they even gave me the second one, since it was an attempted delivery and shouldn't have been available for pickup until tomorrow!

My two boxes of goodies from SMJ! Kind of sad that it had to be split into two shipments, and I got nailed with $17 customs tax on one (WHYYY. This always happens with expensive stuff to me, on the odd chance it does happen XD), but I was so excited to open them I don't even *__*

The Lottery Zoroark box was so much bigger than I thought it would be! Like.. two times bigger! Lugia kid for size reference.


The figure is HUGE. I was honestly surprised.

... oh. This just looked hilarious.

Helloo??? Is anybody in there?? (Also, lol, ROARK)

Size compared to a canvas. Jesus. This thing is big. Also, my camera sucks whether I use the flash or not D: but I guess I've learned that flash is better after all.

Size compared to the Zoroark Pokedoll! Huuuuuge! These two are my favourite merchandise of him so far.

Ready for Zoroark from all angles? 8D I haven't seen someone do this, so I thought it would be useful for people interested in getting one or just to show him off, but y'know

Dat hair.

Seriously... dat hair.

I should have taken this with the flash. So badass!



The detail is astounding.

My only complaint is the top of the hair, where you can see where the larger piece connects. It's not noticeable from far away, at least.

Ahhhh nooo what are you doiingggg?

Okay, okay, I'm done! Here's the DS-ish foamy case (more like, it could fit one of those hard PSP cases in it, never mind just a DS). I think I like this too much to sell it, which I originally planned on doing. It's a nice little case!

Purdy. :D It's squishy. I like squishy things.

Raichu canvas! I've wanted one of these since I saw it. I love Canvas. ;__; they're so small and soft and well-detailed for their size.

See, sometimes my camera works well without flash.

It looks great from all angles :D

Love the art on the tag too.

This will be sold later. It came with the Zoroark, but unlike everything else, I don't like it enough to keep it.

Didn't get a good picture of the lotto cup, but :3 raawrrrr. I can't decide if I want to keep this mint or just use it. XD


A smaller amount of kids (+1 Celebi) that I paid just about as much for, but were mint and had a few I really wanted.

The kids that I'm pretty sure I'm keeping. :D Maybe not the clear Pikachu, now that I think about it. Most of what I wanted to keep from the big bag was in good condition, besides the Weavile D: I'll have to get another one in the future... he has some pretty bad paint rubs. The Roserade ended up being mint and clear, lucky me! Being a hardcore collector :D

Clear Flareon's nose is not coloured at ALL, but it doesn't look like black that's been rubbed off. Is it normally like that? o_O And I'm not sure, in real-life the laying Sandshrew looks greenish, with the lighter part tinted kind of pinkish. Is he a shiny?

Of the kids that I'm going to trade/sell later, these ones are in great condition. :D No paintrubs or marks that aren't on mint from box kids--like paint spilling and the occasional small bit of colour from another part of the kid.

Close-ups! Oh my god, that Rayquaza was making me laugh so hard. I couldn't not see it as projectile vomiting XDD

I'm really pleased that all the Mews (and Absol!)are mint, I know a lot of people love them :D. Some other popular Pokemon unfortunately were not so lucky as the ones in this group. ;__;

These were the less fortunate kids. The first half or so are in good condition and either have one or two minor scrubs or dirt... the other half is mostly pretty junky.

Closeup of the good kids. :D

I uh.... know that Lucario isn't a kid, and I'm pretty sure it's bootleg. I guess the mother of this kid didn't know? XD The clear Hitmonlee is really weird. It's two separate parts stuck together, and it can't stand on it's own. At least, not on the carpet XD.

Oh, these poor, poor kids. D:

And now for something I consider a grail, since it's one of my favourite items in my collection!

Roserade chou get! I'm not sure how rare this is, but I haven't seen it browsing on here, and I couldn't find any pictures of it when I looked online, but I found an auction that I guessed must have been it--it came up in a search for Roserade and had the promo picture of the whole set it was from. I had to buy it just in case I never had the chance again--though I'd love a second one to paint shiny sometime.

This little guy is so gorgeous *__*

Poor Roserade always gets stuck with this kind of stand. The clipping figure, the Tomy (which I don't have yet D:). Not sure why they didn't just use a peg, but I like it!

So elegant~


This is... the shelf by my computer. A lot of the stuff I've bought recently is here, along with stuff I'd already owned, and it's... a mess. I had to buy shelves to accommodate my growing collection, but I still have to put them up. You might spy some interesting things that are not Pokemon here. XD

And part two. Gabumon is most certainly not a Pokemon (and he fell over! Oops). Nor are my rare/expensive FFVI keychains and pencil toppers. I doubt I'll ever get them all D:

Aaaaand there's no more room up there, so my tower's become a temporary home, too.

Other stuff that came before the SMJ packages! Shiny Shinx card :D

Can you tell I collect Roserade? No you can't!

:D that giant Zorua keychain should really just be a figure. It's gorgeous!

My plushes :D currently in the living room, because there's no room in mine until those shelves go up! Bulbasaur doesn't count, I'll be selling him later~ Half of these are recent gets, but some I've had for a while. Roserade is still my favourite plush in my collection. :D I put his chou buddy up there with him for now~ Also, Umbreon pile!!

If you have an Umbreon Pokedoll that won't stand up on it's own, I have a hint for you. I wasn't sure about doing it at first, but I thought what the hell (this is a newer American release, not sure on any others)--there are thick strings connecting all his legs together. I think that's what makes them so gimped! So... I cut them, thinking that it probably wasn't supposed to be like that anyway, and... voila! He looked much better and could stand on his own. They're probably not supposed to be there in the first place... weird that they are, why not just make Umbreon's legs like the other eevees? If you have the same problem, give it a try!

Annnd these two :D I've had the Raichu for years and years... it's a little dirty, and I ripped the electronics out because the lighting up was really annoying to me. Pikachu's from 2004, a friend brought him back from the Pokemon Center in Japan for me.

And finally, have a bonus pic of my little brother and his Flint-hair. :D

.... whew! That took ages.
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