That Eric Thing (poizenkat) wrote in pkmncollectors,
That Eric Thing

Items shipped + nyc meet + gonna be away DX

okay well all items that have been bought has been shipped. i apologize for the delay, but i had to go away for a bit last second.

i will be at the nintendo world store at opening time hopefully ^^ so if you see a short dude wearing bright purple socks and carrying a gengar bag thatll be me!
id like to hear what pokedolls people want to buy out of the ones from the store <3 im gonna stock up my sales post so please leave requests and ill see what i can do ^^

as well as that, i will be making ALL owed payments as soon as i get my internet fixed which will hopefully be sometime before the 15th if not on the 15th im sorry, but id rather not make any payments over public wifi DX
Tags: sales
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