Jessica (swtlilangel666) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Final Payments for Offers

So guys, referring to my offers post (Here) with some of these items..

If you guys participated in that offers post, final shipping payments are up! I know I said that I would accept initial payments until the 22nd, and shipping totals wouldn't be up until after the 22nd, but I looked at my schedule later down, and I saw that due to my quarter schedule and the courses I'm taking, I'm going to be extremely jammed with exams, and at that point, it'd be near finals week and I definitely would have to postpone shipping until after. Since I didn't want to keep you guys waiting too long, I took some of my free time between classes to calculate totals!

Some of you did NOT include a zip code so I couldn't calculate your shipping total, so at the moment, your column is filled with the weight of your items. Some of you did not pay your first total but did put your zip code down, so I just added the two totals together so just pay the second total that is listed.

I am going to TRY to ship these out in consistent waves, but it will most likely be random shipping times. When I do ship your items, I will either reply to one of your comments on the community, PM you, or e-mail you. I know at the moment that I have one set shipping date: Monday, November 8.

*****This means, if you get your payment in before I go to sleep on Sunday night/Monday morning (I usually go to sleep around 3-4AM PST for your reference), I will be able to ship out your package on Monday. So if you want your package shipped soon, get your payments in!******

Here's the spreadsheet: CLICK ME

Please send payment to asininity AT live DOT com with your username and what you bought in the note or the title.

Thanks everyone! :)
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