Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

wee for magnets!

so, i went around for over an hour looking for more kids :( and no luck beyond one single mijumaru. but i will keep looking for mijumarus and yanappus and stock them if i can. i wish the box distribution wasn't so bad ._.

so i didn't think i'd have any more to sell, but i found these awesome things while out! so have at them! they are anime-style magnets, each an inch+ tall, except the pokeballs which are only a centimeter. check under the cut for more info!

shipping for a number of magnets will be 2.50$. the entire sheets will be 5$ to ship.
if you think my prices are TOO HIGH, make a lower offer! that's fine too!

make offers in the threads i will make for the best offers ones!

up for BEST OFFER.... i'm looking for something like 30$ on the tsutaaja evo set and miju evo set, and maybe 20$ on the pokabu evo set.

GONE: monkies

shikijikas for best offer. looking for something like 10$ a magnet. these are not on the same sheets, meaning it's basically impossible to get all of them!

GONE: fall (orange), spring (pink)

sets... 10$ each. kibago evo line is 15$.

GONE: mamepatos, reshirams, munnas, tsutaajas

singles! 5$ each. yes some sets accidentally here. oops.

GONE: mijumaru, rankurusu, kurumiru, choroneko, tabunne, tsutaaja


if you thought that was boring, have a nice picture of the pokedolls coming out in 15 days! you know i'll have pick up orders! :D


also, halloween contest voting IS OVER, i will announce the winner later as it deserves its own post, not tacked on to one of mine. XD
Tags: sales
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