Monica (monicamalice) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Yet Another Collection Update!

Since everyone else is doing it I thought I might as well so it ^.^


The very lovely Janobii!!!! I love all the grass starters mid-evolution so I knew the mintue that he went on sale I needed one :)

Licklicky is from King's Island a local amusment park and the Gallade is from HelloSkitty

Bouncey ball and Darkrai figure ;) Awesome

Radio Pikachu, Treecko, and little Zorua!


FROSLASS ZUKAN! My very first zukan for my lovely Froslass. When buying this I have decided that I will now be a Froslass collector but will my bank account agree with me....... not so much *.*'


Any form of my FireRed team ^.^

Emerald Team

Lonely Torterra on my Platunim team :(

EPIC SoulSilver team (my best team over all) Big thanks to Larvitarscar for half of my team

Random kids that are either my favorite type or have a funny thing behind it
Vibrara- was a sad replacement for the long time that I didn't have Flygon
Celebi- fisrt kid that was a gift from a friend
Phanpy- HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE PHANPY!! It's my favorite 'baby' pokemon
Plusle&Minun- a night of bad decisions ended up with my guy pokemon friend naming my boobs these
Manaphy- favorite legendary baby pokemon!


random figure from thrift store are random

more random


Will the randomnis ever stop



Little Pokemon easers that I found at the local dollar store the other day. Aren't the adorable ^.^

Pokemon Center bag that I got with Janobii :)

EPIC LUXRAY POSTER!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy that I going to die!!!!!!!!


Well first I got the poster book a while back and had set them down in my bedroom for a minute and I come back they had disappeared *.*
Bummer right, I thought my dad had thrown them away because he was help me clean and organize my room and he throws allllll of my awesome things away so I went back and bought new ones. But last week I was cleaning my room and looking through old yearbooks at the top of my shelf and guess what as stuck inbetween the pages

It still has all the posters! I was so excited when I found this. Totally made my life :)


Does anybody know what this is? It's called Pokemon Gotta Match Them All and it's like a Pikachu slot machine game and it says it by Tomy. I found it at the thrift store the other day and I've never seen it before. It can make three different faces

Thank you soooooooooooooo much for looking! I need something to cheer me up from all the confusion Supernatural. Seriously I'm soo confused *.*
Tags: collection, flygon, luxray
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