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Big apology in need and commission slot.

I haven't shipped items from my sales post yet because my computer died. I've been without a computer aside from the 30 minute slots on school computers for awhile. Luckily my computer is finally fixed and I can now access things like normal,which includes paypal with your addresses and item needs! So everything will be shipped on Monday and Tuesday :D sorry for the delay x.x

While my computer may be fixed, it has sucked my funds dry since I had to pay for repairs and updating myself, plus I had to make sure my files were still intact, so pricy pricy. As such, I have one last thing I need to get; a new battery. Problem is, I can't afford it at the moment (don't worry, I have money put away to ship ;D so this doesn't effect that).

So I have no choice but to hold a commission slot auction. The auction will be for one plushie! I'd prefer to work with Gen 5, but I can do anything, examples under the cut :D

also, tothose who have a commission from me, your plush is about 25-50% done. Most are heads or bodies and a few are peices cut out and stored in a ziplock baggy. Yes. I have about nine heads, three bodies, and about 6 other parts just laying around the room XD sorry for the delay with finishing, but I have finally got my grove back and they should hopefully all be done by the end of the month *knock on wood*


Price starts at 50.00

Auction is here: http://lonepichu.livejournal.com/598345.html

yes, this is my custom's post for November :)
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