larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

larvitarscar's collection: part VI

hi everybody!

here is the latest installment of my pokemon/sylvanian families series. up til now we never did find out what's the deal with buneary and the wedding dress...will this episode finally answer the question?

Welcome to Blissi, the designer boutique store for Pokemon. Meet dragon lady Blissey and her assistant, Clefairy.

Buneary dreams of her wedding day. Who is the one who will be waiting at the end of the aisle?

Roselia finds a nice hairband that matches her blue flower.

Chikorita waits for her sister to try on a dress.

Bayleef: "Does my butt look fat in this?"
Chikorita: "Butt? I can't even see around your big-ass body."

Bayleef: "You ought to cut down on the donuts yourself!"

Wigglytuff excitedly tries on this season's hottest dress.

"Can you zip me up?"

Since nothing fitted her, Wigglytuff settles for the flower necklace.

Marill eyes the dresses that the Chiko sisters were trying on.

"Hon, I doubt our store has anything fitted to your...silhouette."

Marill is NOT PLEASED.

The blue mouse and rabbit eventually decide on things that actually fit them.

Jynx and Roserade eye the same hat.

Alas! There's only one piece left.

"I should get it because I look so demure and charming in it..."

"But i look like Rachel from Friends!"

Curtain call.

Finally, I'd like to thank everybody for being so supportive of my pokemon/sylvanian families series! I love to read everyone's feedback and it's a pleasure sharing. As a big thank you, I'd let you readers decide who buneary will walk down the aisle with in next season's wedding story arch! (the series shall be on winter break. =D) do leave some suggestions and I'd do a poll or something sometime if the response is good!

(if you're a new reader, my old entries can be found here.)

Thanks for reading!
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