f4y3 (f4y3) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Custom slot auction.. shipping update

Woohoo! My PayPal card has been restored, so I can ship everything on Monday  \o/
Thanks to everyone for your patience!

Anyways.. My commission list has been significantly reduced, so I am opening 2 more slots;
1 bellplush @$15
1 minky 'pokedoll' plush @ $50
Bidding will end Wednesday November 10 at 6pm EST

More examples of my work can be found under the cut.

Here is a link to my TERMS AND CONDITIONS
By bidding on my plush, you will be agreeing to all of the terms <3

Also, for those wondering what's in the works:

Shiny Absol Pokedoll AND bellplush-- in the process of sewing
Shiny Ninetales-- pattern complete
Growlithe-- in the process of patterning
Mareep Pokedoll- in the process of sewing

Onto the plush! Or look at my gallery here


Thanks for your time <3
Also if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for my plush feel free to PM me <3
Tags: custom, sales
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