. (roko_epsilon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Pokemon Time Tin question

Sorry all I ever do is ask questions @___@ As soon as I have time I'll be doing a collection update I accidentally a lot of kids again.

A friend of mine wants a tin to hold her DS games in, and was looking at Pokemon Time tins since they seem big enough to hold like 6 DS games, BUT.

Apparently they have plastic on the inside?? To keep you from eating all the candy at once I guess.

Is the plastic removable? It looks like it is, but since neither of us has ever seen one of the tins in person we have no idea.

(also if it IS removable and you have a cubone tin for less than hardrock-pokemon is selling them for, get in contact with me. I'm willing to act as a middleman for my friend if there's a cheaper price around)
Tags: cubone
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