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Herro! Mini Update and Questions.

Hello people! Long time no see :D! I’ve been really inactive recently due to lack of funds and applications for colleges and haven’t been on the community too much. Plus, I can’t find my camera and so I can’t take pictures with anything other them my webcam :(.

I’ve noticed a huge influx in new members on the community and to you I say welcome :3! I hope I get to meet you all once my life settles down a bit. I’m planning on doing a big re-intro post and collection update once I can be more active. For the time being you can check out my website that is being updated: Cuddle's Pokemon Ranch

I am here though because I had a question about a few things:

Has anyone ever seen them before (I picked these up at Target) or know where I can find more Pokemon related stickers? Target has been lacking on the Pokegoods recently and I want to decorate my laptop ^_^;…

I bought the set for the Leafeon, Glaceon and Luxio stickers and I have 3 more sheets if anyone is interested in buying them :3. I can sell them as singles (between $0.50 - $1) or a whole sheet for $3. They are thick, lenticular stickers that change from a Pokemon to a Pokeball.

I also have a pricing question about these guys:

I bought the whole set for Espeon and Umbreon and, if I don’t get attached, Gengar, Pikachu and Sableye will be up for sale, auction or offers. I wanted to know what the value of these guys were and if anyone would be interested in buying them.

I do have a preview of my collection update I will be doing:

If anyone needs me for anything I’ll be online for the next few days. I’m almost 100% sure I don’t owe anything to anyone except for kamakazi_97 and eevee_kins.

See you soon!
Tags: arcanine, azumarill, espeon, gengar, glaceon, leafeon, luxio, pikachu, sableye, umbreon, vulpix
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