Miss_n00b (fizzycat) wrote in pkmncollectors,

GB last payment! Auction reminder! Sales update! Custom hat makers wanted!

hello hello hello :B

WELL First of all when I post, I multitask.

Secondly, when I post, I MULTITASK GOOD.

Thirdly, remember these bad boys?

Welp, they arrived!

Here they are (with a lugia that smuggled out the picture cos I'm an idiot XD)! shipping totals are as follows:

f4y3 : $3.37
renarys : $4.07
atateatarin : $3.37
seifer_a : $3.37

Please pay this to your_master_is_here@btinternet.com with GB PAYMENT 3 in the notes and I will ship them out asap <3 Thanks guys! :D

I have also put the spare ho-oh in my sales, in which all four categories have been completely updated! :D Have a lot of new things in and reduced prices! <3 Come check it out at the trouble with Gibles!


And also due to a lot of crazy things going on, never managed to post a reminder for this before now, so just letting you guys know I've extended the aerodactyl BK plush auction to Sunday, 7th November at 2am GMT. That's three hours from now! Come check it out if you're a hardcore aero collector:

click the picture to be transported! Just scroll down the post to find it <3

ALSO If you've been eyeing up the aero auction or anything in my sales but don't have the money, my WANTS have been updated! :D

click angry gible to AGAIN be transported!

I will happily buy, trade or discount auctions for any items on this list! ESPECIALLY gible ones! :D Come check it out! <3

FINALLY, as it's my birthday coming up, I thought I'd treat myself to a little something, and after seeingsoulsilver_iv 's lugia hat at the londonEXPO meet, I'd really love a gible hat for myself to wear at cons and such!

SO, Can you make custom pokemon hats? Do you need some money? if so, link me some examples and prices and I'll let ya know if I'm interested! <3 I can't wait to see what some of you guys can do! :D

I'm really sorry for the long and boring post! </3 Thank you for bearing with me anyways and take care my most beloved community :D I WUB U <3333

also, PS to anyone that has commisioned me: I am giving you individual updates on your pieces right now! I'm sorry these are taking so long, I really underestimated how long they would take and for that I apologise </3 Thank you SO MUCH for being so patient! :D Much loves <333
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