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Pokecen buys, collection update and auction reminder

Hi again pkmncollectors!! 

I recently got a chance to visit Japan I was there right after B/W game came out! It was fun to see all the posters around :)

Ahhh the Osaka pokecenter was so fun. They still had the ropes outside the store for the line to get the new game! I got to go at the perfect time because I love the Pokemon time series of products but hadn't bought any yet, And they had the big starters! I got my brother to take a picture of me with pokabu ;o;

(you can see the rest of my poke center photos here on flickr) I ended up not buying any B/W merchandise, at that time I didn't have any favorites. Pokabu has kinda stolen my heart now so i'm glad I have this photo! XD My favorite thing I got at the pokecen was a CRUSHED PENNY. They had little fake copper pennies to be crushed, it was soo cute! there's photos of the machines at the flickr link. hahaha

There's there pokemon goods I got from Japan! The tomy figures actually came from Yodobashi Camera (shinx is for a friend <3) It was so hard to pick what to buy at the center. It was SOO crowed because the game had just come out. I think I bumped a poor kid in the head when he swooped under me D:  The phone strapes are so cute! I don't collect heracross but he's one of my favorite pokes <3  I wish I bought two so I could have one to keep and one to use!

Also if you want to trade poke time bookmarks, let me know! These are the ones I got. I'd like to get ones that match pika and heracross.

And since I haven't shown off my collections for months here they are! I moved back in june so my collections have new homes. <3 My jolty collection grew quite a bit!

My kid collection! I'm still working on my Silver team (I haven't decided who the rest of them are yet haha...) I gave up on my diamond team because I realized I kinda didn't like my team in the first place : /   I love my zigzagoon kids so much <3  Since the halloween contest I lost two of my pikachu kids so I need to rebuild that collection some more haha. The magnet kid collection is new too!

My second tomy figure isn't in there yet. I'm thinking of painting him shiny or just having him out of the box <3 And I love my customs you guys! thank you caffwin  (clay charm) relia  (flat charm) and silversnowcloak  (walky stickers)  I'm so proud I finally have the pokedoll! yeaaaay. My collection may be humble but I love it soo much <3

whew that was a mouthful, thank you for reading about my adventure and collection!

And finally I wanted to remind everyone that my pokemon time candy tin auctions are ending tomorrow (Sunday) at 12 noon PST. The grass pokes are feeling unloved!

I also forgot a couple of things to post when I updated my sales the other day so they are up now! Sales post here!
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