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Uh. Midnight collection epiphany. o____o


I need this flying banana-tree dinosaur in my life. However, it being near Christmas, and myself being a starving college student (/cough) I don't necessarily want to start shelling out a ton of dough at the moment for anything.

(Also, deciding to suddenly love Raikou to bits has been expensive. Stupid amazingly awesome legendaries.)

So, anyway, consider this my testing of the waters. How rare is Tropius? I know he only has one plushie, and I'm not very interested in that, so I'm mostly looking for the Zukan, and then maybe the Tomy and Clipping Figures? Maybe a Chupa or Chou if he has one, TFG if it isn't expensive? (Or if there even is one...) Little figures like that.

Does anyone have any idea if this'll be an expensive endeavor? Do I have fellow Tropius-lovers out there? Again, I'm not able to buy anything right now, but I'd like to know what to expect. If this is going to become painfully hard for my wallet to swallow, I'll back down. Heh... 

Thanks in advance! Hope everyone is having a good time - SNOW? Not for me, but still. Anyone in school? It's almost Thanksgiving/Winter Break! Yay! :D

EDIT: I'm going to bed now (it's 11:30PM my time) so I won't be able to respond to anyone until tomorrow. I'm not being rude! Just sleepy. |D
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