fluffyhoundour (fluffyhoundour) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Looking for and Meme

So, I'm looking for some Houndour, Poochyena and some Houndoom Kids and possibly a plush artist do make a custom Houndour plush. Details under the cut. :)


This is the Houndour kid that I have. I can't tell when he was made, but he looks like a newer one. I'm looking for any Houndour kids I don't have, or any Poochyena or Houndoom kids. However, I can only pay by concealed cash or check--so sellers would have to be in the US. Sorry. :(

I'm also looking for a custom plush artist to make a custom Houndour plush for me. The style would be up to you, I love being surprised when it comes to plushies. The payment would still be concealed cash or check. Seeing as this is my first commission, I would love to see examples of your work. If I decline your offer, I'm sorry--this is my first time commissioning a plush so I want it to be perfect.

Also a small meme. Do you have any pictures of your favorite collection piece/collection on your electronic device? My Houndour Pokedoll, Remus is my cellphone background right now. :D

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