Rock Mafia (lazer) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rock Mafia

Recieved, collection, and trading post!

eeveelution: :DDD guess what I got~! thank you so much you have no idea how much I appreciate it ;wwwwwwwwww ; and that doodle.. was too cute. You killed me inside. So I obviously had to turn it into an icon. D:<

prguitarman: got the cards! thanks for the extras <3333 I've never seen a card with gold text before, is it more rare? I have no idea how these newfangled cards work.

Alright, and to make this post more relevant, I has cards to share :D

The final picture count was just ridiculous, so I'll give you a link instead. BE GRATEFUL. D:<

Cardhaus messed up my order though, due to crappy labeling on some of their cards. I'm not sure if they're ignoring my emails or just not seeing them, but I need to get a hold of them somehow :I They answered my first email about conflicting mailing addresses within the same day, but it's been over a week for this one D:

Missing: correct vending haunter, slowpoke WeB series

Right now I am looking to fill the gaps of my collection, so I'm more interested in a TRADE right now. I don't have all my cards with me, but if you ask I can look up pictures of what other ones I have.

All leftovers will come up in a new post for sale, but this is for trading right now.

What I'm looking for (this is also record for me):

Shining Raichu
Meiji Slowpoke promo
PokePark 2005 Mudkip promo
Playing mat Slowpoke promo (I will pay people with gold for this.)
ADV Event Promo Plusle/Minun
EX Hidden Legends Minun
Birthday Pikachu (any language)
Light Flareon, Vaporeon, and Jolteon
Southern Island Pidgeot, Mew, Onix set

It's a long shot, but if someone has one of these cards that's willing to let go, they should tell me so I can make more/different offers :D

What I've got:

Dragonite is in used condition, light scratches on the foil
Dusclops (EX Crystal Guardians) has Gold lettering
Arbok, Dragonite, Dusclops, and Golbat are holo
All are Mint unless otherwise noted. :>

Can reproduce more pictures on demand
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