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i'm new to the community, collecting and i guess this is my intro post + some other things? xP

i'm gabi. i'm from florida and i really like ghost and psychic type pokemon. my favorite is gengar and pretty much always has been; it's just one of those things! my pokemon collection is minimal and is basically just leftovers from childhood that i'd like to add onto and revive.

well, i hope i get to know some of you because this seems like a good community :)

edit: sorry for my failure of a cut! fixed.

plushes are my favorite, as i think they are for a lot of people, upon viewing this comm's posts :3
in that category, i'm looking for...
- gengar
- togepi (bigger)
- marill
- bellossom
- wooper
- piplup
- drifloon
- mime jr
- chikorita
- mew
- ditto (there's a pillow one that i reaaaally like, but it'd probably cost me tons...)
- raichu (does anyone know how common it is to come across raichu slippers?)
- poliwhirl

i know that's a lot to start with but i'm a complete sucker for plushies and they're all super cute. i like having them for the purpose of sitting around my room looking cute and sometimes cuddling so let me know if some of what's on my list is kind of out of bounds; i can't spend $40+ for one pokemon ^^;

but yeah, that's my main focus for now! collector's tips are welcome, as i'm only versed in a very small range of collector's knowledge (which would be sailor moon...x3)
Tags: bellossom, chikorita, ditto, drifloon, gengar, marill, mew, mime jr., piplup, poliwhirl, raichu, togepi, wanted, wooper
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