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con swag, sales update, and collection website!

Hi guys :D I thought I would share with you some stuff that I grabbed at Nekocon this past weekend! Most of it is going up for sale, so I have updated my sales as well.

Nekocon is a fairly large con that is held annually at the Hampton Roads Convention Center in Hampton, VA. I've never been, so I figured this year I would actually make an attempt and go! I was silly and forgot my camera at home, but I took photos of all the things when I got home. :]

Here I have some boxed kids (Attack Rotom and Regigigas), a Togekiss UFO, a Halloween Umbreon plush, some Friends plush, and a bunch of Zukan I found! Everything in this photo minus the Kids and Togekiss are in my sales! (click the banner to be transported)

This Togekiss was just too adorable to resist. There was some UFO plush at multiple stands, but the Togekiss was the one that intrigued me the most. ♥

I also present to you my collection website, Snake Ghosty. Here I have my collections of Arbok and Drifblim, plus other random Pokemon that I love. I still have some flats and wants to add, but everything such as plush and figures are all there. Feel free to link my website to yours, and I'll return the favor!

Thanks for reading, I hope you all have a lovely evening. ♥
Tags: arbok, drifblim, sales
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