Shaggy Griffon (shaggy_griffon) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Shaggy Griffon


Hey everyone! Just another collection weeding so I can buy more xmas gifts for my family.

talkie zorua, fresh from Japan. I love her, (who i nicknamed Zoey) but until I get a prt-time job, money is tight. She's been sitting with my collection ever since her arrival and she works perfectly :) Original box included if you wish, but to save space i can flaten it if you like. Asking $60 shipped, close to what I paid for her. Willing to take offers though.

Also, I put my Action control Giratina up on Ebay a few days ago but so far no bites, here is the auction link:
he is is new-mint condition, only played with for testing, been sitting on my shelf ever since. Works great and is one of the best remote control toys I've ever had the pleasure of owning :) If he doesnt sell I will take any offers, but keep in mind shipping might be a tad higher than usual because he will require decent packaging since he is delicate.

thanks for looking and happy november all!
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