No one you know :] (kanackering) wrote in pkmncollectors,
No one you know :]

Auction Over

Ok Eeveelution auction has ended...unowncafe has won the Vaporeon card =D (please get a hold oh me so I can total it and give you details =^^)

However...I will not just sell the remaining Eeveeluton cards....

*note: Jolteon has a slight "dent" in its back but nothing major, it's only noticeable if you hold it up to the light

Flareon = $4.00

I also have this cute Eevee Card for $0.75 ^^

Remember 10 cards from This Picture OR!! This Picture is $3.50 (or one for $0.35...and ALL the trainer/energy cards for $2.50)

I am only able to accept paypal at this time.

Shipping to the USA/Canada: $1.00
Shipping to the UK/Europe: $2.00
Shipping ANYWHERE else: $2.50

ALSO! The first SIX people to buy anything will receive a free Pokemon game coin with their purchase!
Choose From:
Dialga (x3)

ALSO! Is anyone interested in trading? I made a list of cards I am looking for

Thanks to Pokebeach and ebay for the pictures

NOTE: I do NOT have an ebay I can't buy cards from there.

The 2 unown cards are both "Z"
I also don't mind if they are rev holo, regular, holo, etc...I like them all! XD

Sorry for all the posts lately -_-;; *head/desk*

ETA: goku_the_saru, pikachuashnat, chibisilverwing....your cards will be mailed tomorrow morning =D
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