rowanlaurel (rowanlaurel) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Haven't posted in a while...

Hi guys, just wanted to make a post since I haven't in a looongg time...

Okay, so my b-day is in 2 mere weeks, so I'll probs have a looooooonnnggg wanted list, since I get so much monay on my
b-day XD  But here is a warmup of a few things I may want....

o  Jirachi TOMY
o European Darkrai candy toy (I've wanted it for a while)
o Shaymin land forme pokedoll (if I can find it lower than $30 > <;;)

So... If any o' you nice people have got any o' these items plz tell meh ^  ^
Btw... I got this Mew bootleg a while back :)

Thank you in advance~ <33
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