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Slow post~

Seeing as I've only been collecting Slow-line things and been a part of this community for a month, I haven't done one of these before. But as my collection is (ironically) growing rather fast, I thought I'd give it a go. :3

First up is a big picture of the shelf where my Slow-line collection currently sits. My collection is mostly flats at the moment seeing as I haven't been collecting long...

The Slowpoke items in the Pokemon Time collection are so adorable! I feel like going out and buying a pink phone just to attach another Slowpoke charm to. xD

Here's a closeup of most of my Slowking items. He was originally meant to be the main Pokemon in my collection but he's now drowning in his pre-evolution.
On the right is my neglected Pokemon-kappa collection (this is where my camera decided to be all temperamental and blur the rest of my photos). I should be adding to this after Christmas when I have more money!~


I'm not sure whether that Lotad figure is a bootleg or not (I'm pretty sure it is). If anyone has any clue (or wants a better photo of it) please let me know.

Tags: collection, slowbro, slowking, slowpoke
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