kriscarmi (kriscarmi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update!! GRAIL GET!!! :)

Hey everyone! :3 I haven't posted in a really long time, but I've gotten some amazing stuff!!! And my new favorite plush, named MESMER! Check it all out under the cut! :)

So I got myself some shelves yesterday to set up my Pokemon collection in my dorm and here's how it looks!!!

Sweet, right? Now whenever someone I don't know walks in they'll just be like O_O But I don't care! It makes me happy :D

Now I've gotten some more Arcanine/Growlithe's how my collection is looking...

I have some more stuff coming in the mail, but that's how it looks at the moment! I just love them so much! -heart-

Okay and since the 5th generation merchandise has starting popping up...I have a new obsession...

MIJUMARU!!! He's so just gosh darn adorable :D Either looking super happy or super sad, I just love him! I also have the huge 1:1 plush at home because I didn't want him getting all dirty or something in my dorm room. So YESH. I shall be getting more stuff of him soon :D

Now...there's been one item since I've started collecting that I've always been dying to have... and here he of my main grails...

MESMER!!! :D I love him SO MUCH!!! I got him in a sale here, and I just adore him to bits! He sits on my bed and hes just the BEST. I honestly can't explain how perfect it is :D ahhhh!

Well thanks for reading and everything! I love you all! Have a great day! :)

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