Azrael Alexander (azraelalexander) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Azrael Alexander

shameless grail-sales, ahoy!

Since I'm scheduled to go to the post office tomorrow, I figure it's safe to do this. An extremely wanted item is only $30 away a sista out, hey?

Zoroark UFO - $10
Bandai Extra Solider Squall - $5
Bandai Extra Soldier Zell - $4
Pikachu mini plush (made by applause; I've never seen this plush before, anyone know anything about it?) $2
Manectric Metal Collection figures - Bronze and Silver - $3 each
Houndour Kid - $3
Ninetales FCS (Baseless) - $1
Manectric Pokedex figure - $3
Manectric Tomy - $4

Everything is mint unless stated otherwise. No holds, paypal only, will ship anywhere.
Tags: houndour, manectric, ninetales, pikachu, zoroark
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