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Shipments made!

Alrighty..everyone who has paid has had their items shipped! (except for  sneadres per request =D)

I also owe 2 of you a small refund for over calculating shipping! Everyone else's just equaled thirty cents or less gain or loss.Paypal was more on some than I thought and less for others. I don't get it...but anyway. Hope you enjoy all the money you are getting from this community Paypal! XD

The 2 who will be receiving a refund will be little_ledyba and sneadres (I'll let you know how much after it is shipped, it doesn't weigh as much as I had thought)
So you two keep an eye out on Paypal for your refunds!!!

To make this post less boring and dull... check this out!
SO CUTE OMG!!! @___@ I want to animate Pikachu!
I also can't wait for BW episodes to air in America. Hurry up!! =)

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks for the purchases! $30 has been donated to my local animal shelter. Thanks a bunch everyone!
Feedback here please!
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