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Finally, finally, FINALLY!!

Only about 4-5 of my MOST RECENT sales did not go out today because I ran out of time to pack them, but those will go out TOMORROW.
You should all have your items sometime this week or early next week, unless you are international.
Once again, I am SO sorry about this terrible mess :( and I hope no one is too sore with me.. You have my word that when I feel comfortable opening up sales again, this will never happen again. Thanks so much to those who have been so kind, patient, and understanding,. it's really meant a lot.

Commission customers:
I have not yet finished anyone's commissions, but all 3 are about halfway done. I do not have any progress pictures at this time, but I am working on that. For your patience and understanding, I will include a little something extra in each of your packages. I expect to have these finished by mid-week next week at the latest, and shipped out by next weekend. Thank you all for your patience thus far, it is very appreciated.

In other news.. have a small collection update:

Horribly blurry phone pictures because my camera got stolen ahoy!

Croconaw Battrio!! Brought to me by the amazing marphoria from Nekocon as a surprise! ^^ She brought me other things, but they're somewhat unrelated. XD

FERALIGATR CAN BADGE! YYEESSSS. Thank you dakajojo!! <33 8D This made my whole week!

aaand finally, Gatr Johto charm! Yaaayy ^^ From a GA ran by dewott !

That's about it for now, thanks for looking :>
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