nope (pokebreeder123) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection Update

I just got back from SugoiCon yesterday... Splurged about $100 on mostly Pokemon stuff, got a few nice things to show for it. c:

Sorry for bad photo quality; still am stuck using my DSi for photos due to most of our computers lacking an easy to use SD card slot. D:

I got this adorable and slightly derpy Zoroark chibi for about $18. Kind've wishing I had held off, because I saw this better looking one that was more in-proportion afterwards... But oh well, he's still cute. C:

New pins to add to my sock o' Poke-pins. Gary Oak and Tsutaja, hell yes. :D Bought these at Artist's Alley for $1.75 apiece; these are fanmade. Sadly, I lack the artist's info.

Another Artist's Alley buy... This can be clipped on to a shirt, etc. I'm a big generation 2 fan, so I had to get it.

Made by the same artist as the person who did the clip on "Pokemon Fan" thing. This made me laugh hard when I saw it, so I had to get it. xD If you can't tell by the image quality, the twin's Pokemon are a bloody censored image, haha.

And this is my new baby. <3 It's a DX Zorua plushie... I'm pretty sure it stands at 11". I love it, it's so cuddlyyyyyy.

I also got a Reshiram commissioned from this amazing guy at Artist's Alley, but the glare makes it too hard to get a good pic, since it's a very detailed pencil sketch. ;-; Just take my word to the fact that it's epic looking until I can get a picture where you can actually see the lineart, haha...
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