Christina (dezchu) wrote in pkmncollectors,

A Update of Epic Proportions

 fffff So many Pikas Thank you so much fizzycat <3

They even included a adorable picture <33

Growlithe and Jolteon from technicolorcage <3

and the biggest of them all <3 my Mcdonalds talking pikachu.ever since the first one I bought never came I've been watching for this guy and I'm so happy ewokie ran that plush ga <3,now I have me some bigchu love and some other wanted adorable plushie's.

He's huge I didn't think he was this big :D I thought he was like the size of beanie babie but noo he's 10 inchs of adorable :3 (and he broke my mailbox 8D; the mail carrier tried to shove him and everyone else in and the mailbox broke off ;__; boy was my dad pissed)
Glameow is also from the plush ga <333

Bigchu is busy turning non pokemon lovers into wanters

Bigchu and Tinychu

Mystery Dungeon Pikachu from shesatiger :3 thanks for the little extras <3

Anyone who wants one with your order just ask :3

aand The Kids GB came in :3

Next to the other water squirter I bought, Obviously he must be big brother

The seller also included a cute little keychain that says Go Pikachu in Japanese its just too cute to sell <3

I will be taking everyones packages to the post office to get a price check tomorrow so if theres anything you want speak now c:.

larvitarscar Wigglytuff seems dirtyish and Seel has marks on him,Skiploom also has little marks but I managed to wipe some off
I don't see anything wrong with piloswine.

little_ledyba Ledyba has paint scrapes on her arms but squirtle is fine, I don't know if you want me to wait till your tomys come in to ship because it could probably be a month before we see sign of them.

wildorched ponyta is missing a little bit of paint on the back of her tail and backleg flames

puyro Meowth as little paint scrapes on his toes and has an orange mark on the back of his head

Extra Kids
Dodrio 50 cents
Jigglypuff(Marks on face) and Raticate(Paint scrapes on toes) 25 cents

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