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Amazing TCG get ^^

So... I have an amazing get to share with all of you today. As always, it is TCG related... ><;; But this should be pretty nostalgic for those of you that started collecting Pokemon in the beginning...

Sealed First Edition Shadowless Base Set Booster Boxes... That's a mouthful ><;; But yep, these are ours! Can't believe we actually got them. ^^ These are boxes of the very first print of the Pokemon TCG ever. Ever! And yes... we have two. ^^

Venusaur on one side,

Blastoise on another,

Charizard, to finish out the starter evolutions..

Back of the box!

Next up... sealed shadowless Starter Decks~

These are two-player starter decks, 2 packs of 30 cards in one box for two players. So the players would be playing half decks. These are also shadowless, so they're the very first run.

To round this all out -- shadowless Theme Decks.

Blackout and Overgrowth -- the water/fighting theme deck and water/grass theme decks.

Back of the Blackout and Overgrowth boxes

Brushfire and Zap! -- the fire/grass and lightning/psychic theme decks.

Back of Brushfire and Zap! boxes

Look closely at the Onix card -- it's shadowless. ^^ This is one of the ways you can tell if the theme deck is shadowless or not.

And finally, some Japanese cards -- Brock and Misty trainer theme decks. We got a box of them, so some are for sale.

Picture of the case holding the boxes

There are five of each for sale -- I'll be putting these in my sales post as well... so here we go!

Picture of the actual boxes.

And finally, a link to my sales post --

Thanks for reading!  ^^
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