larvitarscar (larvitarscar) wrote in pkmncollectors,

offer reminder + mew stylus alert

hi! firstly, for those who ordered items from me in my latest sales post, i have just replenished my packaging supplies and they will be going out in the next few days - i will send a notification to you once they're out, so look out for that!

also, this is a reminder that my wailord tomy and clear shaymin kid are still up for offers in my shop. while i'm at it, i just added an attack buizel and piplup squirter figure as well. =D also, there are still plenty of MIB kids up for grabs, including growlithe, gengar/gastly, azumarill, dragonair, houndour/houndoom, and many more!

(proceed to check out the loot here!)

finally, i managed to find the elusive mew stylus that sugargerbil was eagerly hunting a few days ago, and i'm gonna reserve it for her since nobody on the community seemed to have it then. however, in the event that she already secured her copy, it shall be up for auction! either way, i have two! i always intended to keep one, but if it is truly the grail that it appears to be, i may decide to sell it if there is interest and goes towards completing a fan's collection. =D

just so this ain't merely a sales plug, i recently managed to acquire something rather sexy.

it's a clear leafeon kid! it never crossed my mind that clear leafeons and glaceons existed since i never saw any before. gosh, and so my quest for a clear glaceon begins. =p

thanks everybody! have a good week ahead.
Tags: azumarill, bagon, buizel, combee, dragonair, gastly, gengar, glaceon, growlithe, gyarados, houndoom, houndour, lapras, leafeon, lucario, milotic, pachirisu, rapidash, roserade, sales, shaymin, umbreon, wailord, wartortle, weavile, whiscash
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