obakehoshi (obakehoshi) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Japanese Gym 1 and Gym 2 Cards

Does anyone here happen to have any cards from the Japanese Gym 1 and 2 sets that they don't want/need anymore? I'm looking for a little bit of everything, so any help would be appreciated. I know plenty of websites that have a lot of them, but I was hoping to maybe rescue some unloved ones from you guys first. :3

I have a few duplicates of some cards I could trade as well:
Misty's Horsea (lvl 10 C), Lt. Surge's Raichu (lvl 38 H), Erika's Venusaur (lvl 45 H), Sabrina's Drowzee (lvl 15 C), Koga's Ditto (lvl 12 H), Blaine's Ponyta (lvl 13 C), Giovanni's Nidoran M (lvl 14 C), Giovanni's Nidoking (lvl 58 H)
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