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Plush Sales!

Hello all! My plushies came in today and I need to get rid of them because they are starting to scare me (seriously Gengar is freaking me out XD). So it’s time to make a small sales post :3!


Sales permission received on August 2, 2010.

I am located in the U.S.A and I ship ANYHWERE (even Checkosalvicghtejet-BA/D.C.)
I accept Paypal (direct payments, no e-checks)
I live in a pet friendly home.
I will only send an item once payment has been received and cleared.
I generally ship within 1 week of your purchase date. If there is a delay I will let you know.
I ship via First Class USPS Mail by default. If you would like, insurance or a different shipping method please state it and I'll give you a quote.
I try my best not to over charge shipping/fees. If I do, I will refund you the difference :3.
I'm very willing to haggle in this sales post! I just wanna get them out of my life and into the hands of others who wil appreciate them more XD!
All sales are FINAL and I am NOT responsible for packages that are lost, stolen or damaged. Once they are out of my hands I cannot control what happens to them.

No holds longer then 3 days unless I've done business with you in the past or you have no negative feedback

Gengar and Pikachu (Hold) - $23 Shipped in the US
Sableye - $28 Shipped in the US.

All are in mint condition!

I can have them packed and shipped next day!
Tags: gengar, pikachu, sableye, sales

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