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Collection weeding sales:)

Greetings Pokemon Collectors! Recently i have been doing some collection weeding - and after some thought, decided to part with some of it!

I've got all sorts today, Plush, Pokemon Center items, a rare eevee Trouzei sticker.....

Ok rules first as always,
I ship from the UK to anywhere,
I will only accept paypal as payment,
You can try haggle, but dont be offended if i turn you down,
I aim to get all items out within 7 days of cleared payment.

And start your engines, First up - Plush

European Treeko Pokedoll, a little worn. $10

Rare Tomy Spheal, with both tags, $35 SOLD

Banpresto X'mas Squirtle, (1998!) Mint with tags - $15

Banpresto super fuzzy Mime. Jr, MWT, $10

Banpresto 2009 Movie Cyndaquil, MWT, $10

Next up some figures/zukan!

Mint in box (apart from photo, and testing) Tomy remote control Cubone. Still works - $17

Mint in box (apart from photo and testing) Tomy remote control Psyduck - still works $15

Obviosly the best photo ever...
Manaphy Zukan (with seabed landscape) $6
Bidoof/Bibarel zukan - $3
Regice gacha figure (like zukan but not to scale, see below picture) $7

Misc things last!

Uniqlo "How did you throw a pokeball" T-shirt MWT, size XL (thats a UK xl, so american L) $24

Pokemon Center Johto charm - Lapras, mint. $8

Pokemon Center Wobuffet and Charmander pin badge (in a cool plastic case thing with tag attached!) Make offers?

Eevee Troezei sticker (came from a gacha machine in japan) $5


Special Lapras Pokemon Time "Bookmark" $12

Any questions please ask! Thanks for stopping by!
Tags: charmander, cyndaquil, eevee, lapras, manaphy, mime jr., sales, spheal, squirtle, wobbuffet, zukan
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