greytotoro (greytotoro) wrote in pkmncollectors,

zukan sale mid-point reminder

Hi all,

A quick reminder that I have some zukans up for offers through this week. I just updated a few for which I received PM offers while away for a little vacation. I'll take offers through Saturday probably.

Here's a link to the original post and an update on high offers for each zukan:

Blastoise line ($45)
Bronzong line ($8)
Fossils ($35)
Roaring Dialga ($25)
Flygon line ($70)
Johto starters ($5)
Togekiss line ($10)
Pikachu/Pichu and Piplup ($6)
Vileplume line ($32)
Venusaur line ($95)
Cradily ($77)

Thanks! :)
Tags: zukan

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