Kich (hicke_chan) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Any talented plush makers around?

First of all, sorry about a post like this, I don't have much to show right now. D8 I have all my poke stuff here waiting for me to go through them completely for a throughout collection weeding, so I should be having some nice sales up in the nearby future somewhere. <3

Anyway! Don't you just hate it how some pokes get barely any merchandise? I don't like it how Gallade has only one plush made of him, and how derpy and all that one single plush must be. I've always wanted a soft little Gallade to cuddle but not that. :c It's not manly enough.

So I come for you artists! And I really mean talented artists (not to scare or shoo anyone off! If you feel you could do this feel free to throw samples at me :D) since if I didn't want it to be superbly perfect I'd just make it myself. I just can't do the shapes Gallade would require yet, I don't have the experience. I've only been making doggies so far.

I prefer big plushies over small ones, and this plan requires a bigger plush really (how big would depend on the prices). Material.. shouldn't be minky since I don't really think Gallade has that much fur. ;D I don't know what fabric would be good though, I don't know them too well. The red triangles and the head thingie should be sturdy enough and not floppy of course, and a while ago I was seriously fantasizing about a function that you could hide the extended elbows inside the arms somehow (plastic? cardboard?) and pull them out for a more fierce look. Having the Gallade somewhat poseable wouldn't hurt either. <33 Would this be doable at all?

I'll probably ask again later somewhere if I can't find anyone curious enough for this yet. *3* Thank you!

Edit: Artist found! <3
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