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New Toys!

Hi guys! Tiny little post, but I thought I would share..

Just a couple cute little doodads I recieved at Katsucon! The Torterra Jakks and SUPER CUTE Wailmer card are from the lovely denkimouse, who was an epic housemate this weekend! The two adorable Venusaurs came from juumou as a thank you for taking care of her sorry sick little butt today. XD And I bought the jumbo Palkia figure at the dealer's room.

LOOK AT HOW BIG HE IS! I named him Love Machine, after the Morning Musume song. X3

Also- PokePlushProject is coming along great! I've still got a really long way to go, but we've got a fair amount of stuff documented. My number one wish is for those of you with bell plushies to post pictures, if you have spare time to do so! It would make my day so happy!

Lastly... prguitarman, THANK YOU FOR THE CARDS! I got them yesterday! My Base Set is complete after nine years of collecting! To quote that video: BLASSSTOOOIISEE, BLAASSSSTOOOOIIIISSEEEEE!!!1!!

On that note...

Bronzong AND Torterra! ;3; Is it available online somewhere?!
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