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Collection introduction post! (finally, geeze)

I had a good post made a week ago, but gave up after LJ ate it without asking me. So gluttonous. Anyway, I finally decided to try again, since I got a bunch of stuff in the mail recently.

First, a little background info. My boyfriend and I live together in an apartment in college. Morality issues aside, we love collecting video games, as well as their memorabilia. Together we have amassed a large collection of items, from Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, and of course Pokemon. I also have a quite large Cardcaptor Sakura collection. Since this is pkmncollectors, though, we're going to just showcase the Pokemon stuff here, so don't mind the occasional cameo of something that is not a Pokemon.

Warning: This post is EXTREMELY image heavy. We really have a lot of stuff.

This is our Tower of Jakks plushes. We've been collecting these for about a year now, and these are just some of our favorites. We're no where near completing the set (and they keep coming out with more!) but whenever we see them in the store, we buy them.

This is the shelf dedicated to non-Jakks and overflow plushes. Lugia there is our very first pokedoll. Until recently, most of our collection has been limited to American-only release plushes, with a couple exceptions.

These are our recent additions to the family. Lugia was courtesy of poizenkat , Darkrai, Groudon, Pichu, and Kyogre were from GAs run by ewokie (as well as the Mareep from her own auctions,) and Vulpix was from pokezombie (I think I missed you in my feedback runs today, I'm sorry! I'll leave some soon.)

These are our pillow pokemon from 4th gen. Not too exciting, but these guys are huge. My boyfriend is not a huge fan of Chimchar, which is why there's a huge shine sprite in front of his face.

These guys came in the mail for us yesterday. So cute! Don't worry, I won't let Ivysaur eat them. They came from a GA hosted by iamdish .

This is just a very, very tiny portion of our figure collection, but I thought they all looked nice together.

The other figures from our collection are MIA due to not being able to get a good picture of them. Well, I did get a picture, but it turned out like this:

You can kinda see some of the stuff, I suppose. The Pokemon 2000 pins in the front came from dewott (of course), the Lugia TFG from haemseuteo , and the pearl Misty TFG from larvitarscar . The Lickitung charm and Cubone kid (if you can even see them) came from koujakai . Thank you guys, we really love them!

We've also got a huge lot of TOMY figures and such from our earlier years, but unfortunately they're all packed away at the moment. Sad.

This one is a fairly awesome piece of our collection, if I do say so myself. The front kind of pops out from the rest of the base. Every time I look at it it reminds me of how I put 140 hours into FR. ;-; Good times.

Last but not least, our wonderful clock. Don't let the boxes fool you, the clock is quite large. The boxes are just oversized store displays. This was a grail of mine from many years ago, but I could never have one because my parents couldn't justify buying me a $100+ clock.  My boyfriend bought me this clock for Christmas this year (an early present, but he didn't want to miss out on it, and there's no way he could hide this thing from me.) I love it to death, and I think it's kind of the highlight of our collection.

There are some things that I just couldn't picture, including some of the stuff I've bought from people on here. They're either not in a good location (i.e. my messy cluttered desk) or not in a display-worthy condition. Keep in mind that I love the stuff I've received from everyone so far, and I can't wait to get even more.

Also a note: we're always looking for new things to add to our collection. As you can see we collect a bit of everything, and our favorite Pokemon differ as the years go on. We're not much into third gen stuff, except Kyogre and Groudon, as our hearts lie in where it all began: first and second gen. We also love the TFG figures, so if you're looking to make a deal with us, we may be interested!

I'm also in love with Mijumaru at the moment, but I doubt I'd be able to find much second hand for him, since he's so new.

Thanks so much for looking! I apologize that this is kind of show-offy, and later posts won't be this huge.
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