koujakai (koujakai) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Updated wish list and sales! <3

Hello, community!
I just got a beastly paycheck, and figured it'd be the perfect time to post my wants list. I'm on a fruitless search for the Raikou TFG. Even if you aren't sure about parting with your's, maybe money can talk? xD

Oh, and since I plan on going to the post office soon, here's my sales! Lots of prices have been lowered~ <3

A quick notice to people I've bought from/auctioned with!
My paypal is NOT sending payments correctly. If I owe you payment, I may have already sent it on my side, but it had not been recieved on your's! Please let me know if I owe you a payment for something, and sorry for the troubles!

Thanks for looking. <3<3<3
Tags: raikou, sales

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