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More Cards!

Hey guys, you haven't really heard from me lately but I do lurk in the shadows, watching those collections grow! :) Today I have for you a new card sales post! Lv. X, EX, Japanese cards... a few I think are pretty neat. This is an all-holo/RH post, if I get the drift that there is interest in an uncommon/etc. sales post then I will probably go snap some pictures of them as well. A cut for the sanity of some peoples' computers!:
If you'd like to know what set a card is from, I'd be glad to tell you. For now I'll just sell by name.
Shipping is $1.25 for up to 5 cards within the US, +.25 for each 5 additional cards. For everywhere else, it's $1.75 for the first 5 cards then +.50 for each 5 additional cards. I usually ship in a rigid mailer to keep the cards nice and clean/unbent, which is why I usually add a little additional for the postage :). Unfortunately I am only accepting Paypal at the moment (recently I've had problems with eBay based transactions involving money orders or the like, getting lost in the mail or etc).
The cards!:

These cards are $2.50 each (The card with the glare is Giovanni's Nidoking):

These are $2.50 each, except for Lt. Surge's Raichu and Team Rocket's Mewtwo, who are $3.50 each. :

$2.50 each, except for Lugia ($6) and Pichu ($4). (The card with the glare is Ampharos. Sorry!):

$2.50 each except for the Charizards ($10 each), Venusaur ($3.50), and Lt. Surge's Electabuzz ($3):

Deoxys EX: $8 each. Empoleon Lv. X: $12 each. Crobat EX: $7. Meganium EX: $9. Electivire Lv. X: $14. Swampert EX: $10. Flygon EX: $12. Exploud EX: $10.

All these are $4, except Dialga ($10).

Top row: $3.00 each. Bottom row: $2.00 each.

These are $2.50 each.

Cards I'm looking for....

If you have any questions feel free to post them :D
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