Phox (mudzips) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So I herd u lyke mudkipz...

Mudkip Collection and Custom Plushes <3

--Post Cut--
(Warning :: Image heavy <3)

Sooo...I think I've made other actual post on the community and have been lurking like a dickens ever since so I thought it would be about time to go ahead and actually make a collection post and go ahead and do a little shameless showing off of the shikijika plush that Katchee already posted to flaunt. XD

Just the image used to post it onto DA.  All of my custom plush information (if you're interested) can be found on my DA page. <3

Onto moi kips. o__o

I've been collecting kips for...a couple months now here and there, not the biggest collection but i'm slowly tappin' away at it. X3

Random little cards and trinkets

I have no idea what this thing is...I got it in a lot and was like o__o well that's nifteh. XD

Candy dispenser XD

Random little tiny "figures"

Some of the larger figures and some more little tiny thangs. 

Little plushes

Two reverse pokeball/mudkip plushes, name Kip, game pieces, ect. X3

Pokedoll Kip <3

Not completely sure what this guy is..he's about the same size as the pokedoll kip but has a different butt tag...kinda derpy XD

Darker blue derper. <3 He's kinda big though and cuddly... XD

My large Tomy <3

Aaaaand last but not least moi kids.  2 laying and then a shiny, a clear, and a normal regular kid. o__o And I love them all.

XD That's about all from me for now folks..time to go back to lurking in a corner some where breathing heavily crouched over my DS. *A*


Tags: collection, custom, mudkip, plush
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