. (roko_epsilon) wrote in pkmncollectors,

finally, a collection update

I do not collection update much because I don't buy a lot of stuff, but I just recently had to rearrange things a little and have some exciting things! So!

My main body of kids! Now separated into three categories: birds, not birds, and legendaries! And all boxes are on display on the shelf below until I can figure out what to do with them. I'm considering cutting the fronts out and gluing them together to make a panel I can put on the wall.

But what? I have more kids than this where did floatzel and starly go?
They went here!

Onto the other bookshelf! I officially have too many kids to keep on one continuous line on one bookshelf, so I separated out the lines that have more than one pokemon and are complete and put them along with my figures :D Now nothing's in front of my torchic line collection, which is off to the side of the other pic.

Speaking of blaziken...

btw if anyone has the attack kid or dx I need it. NEED.

Elsewhere in the living room, birds

Birds everywhere.
Staraptor ends up on the floor a lot because he is in front of the power button and my gf knocks him down when she goes to turn the tv on.

And just so you know.

This is what I really look like.
You have no idea how hard typing is with these little stubs.

(Despite me having my darling smugprince for like what two/three weeks??? Big story and adventure behind him already! Not a pleasant one either!)

Like usual if anyone is selling the cream roll cookie tin with the isshu starters on it and including the cookies, tell me!
Aside from that and blaziken kids, I am probably not going to be buying much at all until January I am pretty much almost out of money for the semester. sry guys
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