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Up for grabs and hoping to grab!

Hi there! I posted here a couple times in the past, but mostly I lurk among the shadows. :< For those of you without eidetic memories, I own a near-complete Dragonair collection, and I also collect Carnivine (now my actual favorite; don't tell Dragonair) and land-form Sheimi. :D

I'm also Gin's sister! She gave me permission to post a few things for sale, so hopefully someone will be interested. I try to avoid naming prices, because I fail at it, so please just make an offer if anything sparks your interest.

I am also hoping to buy a Shiny Gyarados Plushie! I would sell my left kidney for one, but since that's illegal, I need to settle for money and maybe even a trade. Again, I fail at pricing, so if you have one for sale, please name your price.

I've collected my things on a gorgeous, state-of-the-art website right HERE.

Oh, and finally, my feedback thread is here.

Thanks for looking!!
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