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Holo TCG Cards for youuuuu c:

Hey pkmncollectors! I've got some holo cards for you alllll :D


Sales Policies
- I ship from the US to anywhere; items will be shipped no later than Nov. 18
- All prices are in USD and I accept Paypal ONLY
- No holds or trades this time around
- Payment is due within 24 hours of getting your total or your item will go back on sale
- Reasonable haggling is fine, just keep in mind that I try to keep my prices very low
- If you have a question, just ask! 

Shipping Policies and Fees
- Shipping in the US will be $1 for 1-4 cards and $2 for 5 or more
- Shipping internationally will be $1.50 for 1-4 cards and $2.50 for 5 or more
- Over 10 cards may result in slightly higher shipping costs ($0.50-$1)

Cards are in Near Mint to Mint condition unless otherwise noted

Legend Halves: $7 each
Scizor Prime (x3), Umbreon Prime, Shaymin Lv. X: $5 each
Feraligatr Prime: $4
Crobat Prime, Dialga Lv. X: $3
Houndoom Prime (x1), Slowking Prime: $2 each
Umbreon (x2), Espeon: $2 each


Arceus Water: $3
Politoad (x2): $2 each
Houndoom (x1), Torterra (x2), Magmortar, Raichu: $1.50 each
Bellossom, Forretress, Gliscor, Magcargo (x2), Arceus Fire, Sudowoodo, Octillery, Manaphy: $1 each

$1.50 each
SOLD: Luxray, Metagross (x1), Giratina

Mothim (x6): $0.50 each
Buneary (x2), Pachirisu, Riolu (x1): $0.75 each
All others: $1 each

Condition: Acceptable (may have light to obvious scratching, general wear, or slight bends)
$0.75 each


Page 1: 
Top Row: $0.75 each (Acceptable)
Bottom Row: $1.50 each (NM/Mint)

Page 2: Poor Condition (heavy scratching, excessive wear, minor to severe creases)
$0.25 each

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