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Nov 11. Peka's some collection update.

Hi!  Nov 6. at PokemonCenter.

I wanted  Munna pillow but I couldn't.
Because I found Hihidaruma. XD

And some collection update time.

Pokemoncenter time. ~

Tabunne plush is 1500JPY.
Osaka Mewth plush is 980JPY. (Discount price. nomal price is 1200JPY.)

Tomy new Pokemon plush.
Big pokabu is smaller than I expected.
(PokemonCenter Big pokabu is more more Big!)

Update time~
>>>>McDonald's Pokemon Calender 2011. (and poster/sticker.) 300JPY.

>>>>Pokemon Week Calender 2011.  (1580JPY.)

I got McDonald's calender 2011.
And this is expensive for me.  Why I bought it?

I found Darumakka on back side. It means Hihidaruma!

>>>>Sticker sheet A and B. (each 315JPY.)

I found Hihidaruma.
But sheet A's Hihidaruma is most small. 
I keep other for sale or trade. ha ha

>>>>Name Sticker.

I found Hihidaruma again.. X(   (you can find him? )

>>>>Tabunne New release clear file. (190JPY.)

And I want to show Pokemoncenter New Year 2011 design!

Other update.~

> School festival event Clear file.

> Pokemocenter clear file. (Gen1 ~ Gen4 pokedex. )

I got C version.
Finally I compleate it!

> Black and White pre-orderd DS case.

I got them by my brother.
Look back on it! Hihidaruma!

> Big Requuza plush.

I wanted it for a long time.
Red Gyarados accept him as new friend.

Thank you for reading!

I have question!
Magnet collection gum has Hihidaruma?

And if you know some hidden Hihidaruma merchandise,
please tell me.  :)
Tags: gen5, rayquaza
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