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Teeny tiny updates!

I'm waiting on a rather huge package and am planning to do a big collection post when it arrives... For now, some smaller but still awesome gets~

My newes firefoxes! The MIP Vulpix pin was won in an auction held by 99reddrifloons, while the Ninetales seal book came from rocket_chick's sales. The two custom items - the figure and the cellphone charm - are from hazuza. I can't remember if I posted them in my last update, but since they're so cute and awesome, who cares if they get posted twice. C: <3

Here's a picture of the inside of the seal book! Stickers of every 1st gen fire type! <3 Vulpix has such pretty art.

More new arrivals! Girafarig Jakks from pheonixxfoxx, I can't believe I finally got one after missing out on many opportunities. xD No, I didn't want to use eBay because everyone charges $15+ to ship to Finland. : < The little Eevee is from ridi. This figure was also on my wants list for a long, long time, so it feels great to finally have it. <3 Metal Jolteon is from kassia9. I've always liked the metal figures and didn't think I'd ever get the Eeveelutions (other than Eevee), but I just got one of the hardest to find. <3 Lucky~ The other two items, Tabunne strap and Zoroa Kid, I got from Gin, who is always the best source for new merch! But, these two items weren't the only things I got from her this time...

I got the Tabunne plush, too! Yorterrie was bought earlier, but of course I wanted to include her again. x) Anyway. Tabunne is just sososo cute, bigger than expected, and I've named him Hanzze, after my friend who always makes me think of Tabunne. <3 They look very similar!

Ok, and now, sales post update! Fund my 5th Gen fever! C8 I've got some Eevees and other nice stuff, too!

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