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Shaggy Griffon

Moar salesly goodness :D

Once again I am collection weeding, but this time its not easy. Another bill came up that I need to help pay, so I have to sell off some of my prized collection, this time being Cyndaquil, giratina, aggron, raichu, slowpoke and some customs! Even bead sprite custom slots available!  

Custom slowpoke plushie i made a while back. Im much better now, but he makes a great pillow or addition to any slowpoke collector (i know theres quite a few here :P) Asking $15 shipped. He needs a better home or will face material scrapping :O

Action Control Giratina, gotta be the most awesome remote control pokemon out there! Asking $20 plus shipping

-aggron kid: $4 plus shipping
-aggron TOMY: $5 plus shipping
-Aggron Hasbro action figure: $6 plus shipping

-cyndaquil hasbro plushie: $9 plus shipping
-cynda TOMY plush: $9 plush shipping
-cynda banpresto UFO plush: $8 plus shipping
-custom cynda clay sculpture: $6 plus shipping
-cynda TOMY figure: $5 plus shipping
-cynda buildable figure $3 plus shipping or FREE with an order of 2 items or more!
-quilava buildable figure: $3 plus shipping or FREE with an order of 2 items or more!
-raichu cute kid: $6 plus shipping
-raichu attack kid: $8 plus shipping
(close up on smaller items)

I also now make bead sprites! Just made my first one yesterday, Knuckles (NFS):

Other examples:

I am taking 5 custom slots for any type of bead sprite (walkies, menu sprites, wild encounter/battle sprites, etc.) My base price even includes shipping both within the US and internationlly!
Menu sprites: $5
Walkies: $7
Battle/Encounter sprites: $12+ (depends on how big)
At this time I only have 4 large pegboards, so i can only do a sprite that is 3,364 beads or less (within 4 even square pegboards) any questions about your sprite just ask!
Custom Slots:
1. [info]gappamaki Growlithe menu sprite (paid)(finished)

Thanks for looking!
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